Squier FSR Guitars & Basses

FSR stands for 'Fender Special Run', a range that encompasses a number of unusual limited edition instruments that may eventually become collectable. Fender has dripped this unique line down into its Squier catalogue!

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1 - 24 of 59

Squier FSR Guitars & Basses

Squier represents the inexpensive and more accessible side of the Fender brand. Producing officially-licensed Fender designs, Squier guitars are made to the exact same measurements as their parent company’s models. And ultimately, Squier instruments offer that genuine Fender feel and tone for just a fraction of the price.

Many Fender FSR guitars are simply modified versions of existing models. Fender may fit a Telecaster with a Bigsby, for example, or give a Strat a matching headstock. However some models in the FSR range are simply finished in a rare colour. The latter is mostly the case with Squier FSR models.

Squier FSR Guitars FAQs

What does FSR mean?

FSR stands for 'Fender Special Run' and consists of more unusual limited edition instruments.

What is Squier FSR?

This is the cheaper/more accessible side to the Fender FSR range. Squier variants are made to the same measurements as Fender's models, providing excellent tone and feel, while remaining affordable. FSR guitars are altered versions of existing models.

Is the Squier a good brand of guitar?

Yes. They are more affordable versions of Fender guitars and basses, delivering the same style as their parent companies counterparts, at a cheaper price. They're used by guitarists of all ages and ability levels.