Sire Larry Carlton S Series Electric Guitars

Contemporary S-Style guitars. Sire have teamed up with jazz fusion legend Larry Carlton to create the stunning S Series.

Sire Larry Carlton S Series Electric Guitars

Following on from their outstanding work with Marcus Miller, Sire present the Larry Carlton S Series line of electric guitars. Sire are renowned for their modern construction techniques and sumptuous playability.

The S Series is equipped with a versatile H/S/S pickup configuration for smooth, direct attack from the bridge humbucker and playful dynamism in the middle and neck positions. A guitar for every occasion.

Deluxe appointments include a Sire-made tremolo bridge for added sound variety and Sire’s famous roasted maple necks. They look great and play even better thanks to the rolled fretboard edges.

Sire S Series Guitars FAQs

What are Sire S Series Electric Guitars?

These S-style guitars were made in collaboration with jazz fusion icon, Larry Carlton. They are Sire's first foray into the electric guitar world.

Who is Larry Carlton?

Larry Carlton is an American guitarist. He is most well known for his work with the likes of Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell and has recorded on hundreds of different albums of contrasting genres.

What components are present on Sire S Series Electric Guitars?

Sire S Series Electric Guitars feature the same modern construction techniques and high levels of playability that are present on their bass counterparts. The S Series utilises a H/S/S pickup configuration, paired with a tremolo bridge and a trademark Sire roasted maple neck.