New Modular ROLI Seaboard Controller Block

The Cheapest ROLI Keyboard yet... and it's modular!

Who are ROLI?

ROLI are now well known for their innovation in the music technology scene with their Seaboard Keyboards and ROLI Blocks, offering a wealth of creative possibilities and expressive control never seen before.

Well, now they are combining the two to make the Seaboard Block! Seaboard keyboards feature a tactile and responsive key bed where you can create the same expression and control as a violinist, guitarist, or sax player.

With nothing quite like it on the market, a Seaboard keyboard has been the object of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome!) for many a composer, player or producer. However, this new and innovative technology isn’t exactly cheap, so it has often been out of the price range of many.

The new ROLI Seaboard Block is the most affordable Seaboard keyboard yet - at only £279!

Featuring a 2-octave keyboard with 24 keywaves, you still have the same control and functionality as the bigger keyboards, just in a small and compact setup.

The most exciting thing about the Seaboard Block is that it’s modular. You can start with just the single 2-octave block. Then when you need to upgrade, just buy another block and attach it onto the end and you’ve suddenly got 4 octaves! Not only that, the Seaboard block also attaches to the other ROLI blocks so that you can create a powerful modular control and performance system for both live performance and recording.

Want to know what the Seaboard Block can do? Check out the official product video from ROLI!

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