Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kits – Now Available!

The TD-17 series is the latest addition to Roland’s acclaimed V-Drums catalogue. With powerful new features and functionality, these mid-priced electronic kits are perfect for drummers of all experience.

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Elliot Stent

The Roland TD-17 Range

Over the last couple of decades, Roland has arguably been the industry leader when it comes to electronic drums kits. With their pioneering V-Drums technology, the company has been at the forefront of electronic drum design, offering players practical, home-friendly alternatives to their louder and more cumbersome acoustic setups.

In 2018, the Roland’s V-Drums line has expanded with the addition of the TD-17 range. These latest kits boast a number of fresh, modern features, yet remain affordable and accessible to both beginners and pros alike. Let’s take a closer look at each offering in the TD-17 series:

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Roland TD-17 Module

This newly-designed module is an incredibly simple and user-friendly unit, with Roland putting ergonomics first. Versatile and all-encompassing, the TD-17 Module is crammed with a huge amount of drum sounds and samples, suitable for drummers of all genres and styles.

Its streamlined interface allows you to easily navigate between menus on-the-fly, to ensure that you're spending more time playing than tweaking! With plenty of additional treats for the fastidious musician, including a 'Coach Mode' to help you to develop your practice routine, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming, there are almost no limits to what this intuitive, forward-thinking module can achieve.

Worthy of note are the powerful tone-tweaking options at your disposal too. With the ability to import your very own drum samples, Roland’s TD-17 module allows you to also layer these as well as its own samples, so that you can create some unique and original sounds. Not only that, but with a powerful onboard EQ, as well as internal effects and pitch control, you can virtually sculpt and tune your perfect drum timbres.

With the TD-17’s sound engine deriving from Roland's flagship TD-50, the high-quality modelling technology that the TD-17 has inherited will give you an incredibly realistic amount of dynamic range. This ensures that all of your playing articulation will shine through, allowing for uncompromised performance.

Roland TD-17K-L

The most affordable setup in the range, the TD-17K-L features all of the essential components required to form a simple yet versatile drum rig. With a mesh snare and kick drum pad, arguably the two most important parts of this kit will offer a realistic feel.

Although the rubber tom pads may not offer the same level of familiarity as the mesh heads, they still provide a near-legitimate response and stick bounce. This means that if you want to play fast buzz rolls or rudiments, these pads will not hinder your technique.

Roland TD-17KV

The TD-17KV is a significant step up from the TD-17K, with all-mesh pads that will give you the authentic feel of a real acoustic kit. This means that you can play with the same amount of expression as you would on a standard kit, with the ultra-sensitive built-in sensors picking up every nuance and detail of your playing, including ghost notes.

Featuring a larger 12” snare pad, with its dimensions more akin to an acoustic counterpart you can get an even more natural perspective behind the kit.

Roland TD-17KVX

Topping the TD-17 range is the TD-17KVX, a full-fledged setup that’ll satisfy even the most seasoned of drummers. Boasting all-mesh heads too, the TD-17KVX has an additional cymbal pad and a VH-10 V-Hi-Hat, which delivers even more realism.

Employing a single-cymbal floating design, this hi-hat pad can be mounted on a traditional acoustic hi-hat stand, one of which is included as part of the TD-17KVX package. Giving a convincing rebound and motion, you can attain open and closed sounds as well as bow/edge timbres.

To get an idea of how the TD-17 sounds in action, check out our video on Andertons TV below. Featuring our Drum Dept. Manager Rob Sparrow and Roland European Product Specialist John Pullen, the guys take you through all the key features and sounds that the TD-17 offers!

Roland TD-17 on Andertons T.V.

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