Roland Cube Guitar Amplifiers

One of Roland’s most diverse ranges across all their products, the Cube is great for musicians on the move and after pristine tone.

Roland Cube Guitar Amplifiers

Roland’s Cube range has been around for ages, serving everyone from pro musicians to weekend buskers thanks to their size, crystal clear sound and diverse range of tones.

The Blues Cube is the flagship of the range, delivering classic warmth to rival any big amp brand in digital format. Available in combo or head models, the Blue Cube emulates crunchy tube breakup whilst maintaining reliability and lightweight status unlike its valve competitors.

Micro Cube, Street Cube and Lite models are ideal for travelling musicians who just need a bit of extra oomph for their acoustic instrument or electric guitar. Buskers find these amps packing surprisingly high wattage great because they’re light, affordable and discreet. 

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Roland Cube Guitar Amp FAQs

What are Roland Cube amps good for?

Roland Cube amps come in many forms with each serving a different purpose, but all Cube amps offer great, reliable, solid-state amp tones. The Cube Micro is an ideal practise and travel amp thanks to its compact size, while the rugged yet lightweight Cube Street is perfect for busking. The Cube Lite and Cube 10GX are great for home use, while the Blues Cube series is designed for old-school, valve-style tone that can be used for studio and live performance.

Is the Roland Cube Micro a good practice amp?

When you need to be extra noise-conscious the Roland Cube Micro is an ideal practise amp for getting great tones in a compact, low-volume format. Its small size and battery-operation make it a great travel companion for practising on the road in hotel rooms, backstage, or wherever you find yourself.

Is the Roland Street Cube good for busking?

Yes, the Street Cube is designed for busking musicians and is well-suited to that purpose thanks to the compact, lightweight, and durable design that's powered by batteries. The built-in amp sounds and effects mean you can use it completely standalone without necessarily needing external effects pedals.