Roland Guitar Amplifiers

Roland Guitar Amplifiers

Roland have a finger in all jars. No only do they make impressive music tech and keys, but they produce outstanding guitar amps too.

Most well known for the Jazz chorus heavily laden over eighties rock albums, Roland stock an extremely thorough range of guitar amps.

From the modern Cube series to the acoustic AC amp, Roland more than likely make what you need. If you’re a busker, Roland are the best option thanks to mobile and small format amps with enough power to project your music into the streets. 

After a studio setup? The Jazz Chorus produces legendary digital clean tones, while the Blues Cube is a modern tube tone wonder. 

Check out the AC’s pristine acoustic sound recreation with built in effects and EQ so everyone can hear your playing. Or maybe you’re after something tiny to take with you for practice – the Micro Cube is a great pick.

Learn how to amplify your acoustic guitar or compare the Boss Nextone, Katana and Roland Blues Cube on our blog.

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