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Kemper Profiling Rack Mounted Amp - Black Front

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Ollie Mason

Please check system requirements to ensure that the Kemper Profiling Amp will work with your computer set up.

You have spent hours in the studio setting up your amps perfectly to get the best possible sound. The only issue now is taking this rig on the road and hoping that the soundguy will play ball with your mic and amp setup. What if you could capture that sound however and take it with you all over the world in something the size of a 3U rack? Well now you can with the Kemper Profiling Rack Amplifier.

Capture Your Amplifier

The key to the Kemper is being able to capture the sound of your own miked up amplifier. This means that the sound you use at rehearsals and in the studio can easily be taken all over the world with you. No matter if you use a massive high gain valve stack amp set up or a small 1x12" combo the character of the entire rig will be captured so that you can take it anywhere you need to play.

Share Your Amplifiers

When you have captured your collection of amplifiers you may still have extra tones that you want to get out of your Kemper. What you can do to grab some extra amplifiers is go on to the Kemper Rig Exchange where you can upload your own patches and download a bunch of other patches from fellow Kemper Profiler owners.

Factory Content

Don't want to record your own amplifiers? Well no worries the Kemper comes pre loaded with a myriad of different amplifiers that can suit nearly any style straight out of the box. Add in the aforementioned Rig Exchange and the ability to buy amp packs made by the pros to get an incredible range of sound without you needing to capture anything.

Effects Built In

With the Kemper all of the captured amps are recorded completely dry meaning there are no effects on them. This is because the Kemper already has all the effects you will ever need built in. With over 50 effects built in you of which you can have up to 8 on at any time you have evverything you need in one rack unit.

Don't worry these aren't just some cheap emulated effects like you would find in some knock off multi effects pedal. These effects have been made by Kemper themselves who were behind the Access Virus synthesizers that were highly regarded because of their digital effects.

Number Of Effects

Effect Type Number Of Effects
Distortion 7
Boost 4
Pitch 6
Modulation 7
Phase & Flange 5
Delay & Reverb 9
Wah 9
Dynamics 3
EQ 4

The Perfect Live Rig

Replacing your current guitar rig with an all digitial system can be slightly scary but Kemper have made it as easy as possible to move over. Simply set up this single rack unit somewhere on or off stage, hook up a compatible footswitch (sold seperately) and connect it straight up to the PA. No longer do you need to carry around a massive amplifier rig to every gig.

User Review Quotes

"It's compact, lightweight and sounds incredible! Any serious musician or keen studio engineer needs one of these!"

"Seriously excellent piece of kit. One minute I'm using a Fender Twin, the next a Bogner cranked to infinity... and everything in-between. Wonderful gear and it's built like a tank too. Great German engineering."

Inputs and Outputs

  • Front Mounted HiZ Guitar input
  • Front Mounted Headphone output
  • Direct Send Jack (with Ground Lift)
  • Return Jack (with Ground lift)
  • Return Female XLR (with Ground lift)
  • Motitor Output jack (with Ground lift)
  • Footswitch Jack 1
  • Footswitch Jack 2
  • Midi In
  • Midi out
  • Midi Thru
  • S/PDIF Out
  • S/PDIF In
  • USB out
  • USB in
  • Network Port
  • Master Output Left XLR (one Ground Lift shared by mast outputs)
  • Master Output Right XLR
  • Master Output Left Jack
  • Master Output Right Jack

Here's what Kemper say about the Kemper Profiling Amp

Any Amp, Anytime, Anywhere

The new Kemper Profiling Amplifier enables you to do what generations of guitar players have been waiting for: to capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a lunchbox-sized amplifier.

So, how does it work- We use cutting edge digital technology to capture the sonic DNA of virtually any guitar amp. The resulting Profiles are as living, vivid and dynamic as the original amps. Imagine you've used some sweet-sounding, well-maintained vintage tube amps in your last studio session. With the Kemper Profiling Amplifier, there's no need to leave those sounds behind anymore. Simply create your own Profiles from these amps and take them with you to use anywhere you like. Variations with alternative amp settings can be created and even the cabinet of a profiled combo amp can be exchanged at any time. Dozens of pro-grade onboard effects and stomp boxes can be used to spice up the Profiles. We even give you Profiles of many exceptional signature amps. Any amp. Any time. Anywhere. We mean it.

Stomp Boxes

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier offers 4 independent stomp effects slots which can host a full arsenal of stomp box effects including painstakingly modeled famous overdrive and distortion stomp boxes, compressor, reverb, several delays and LoFi algo- rithms, and a beautiful rotary speaker emulation.

The Archive

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier makes it easy for you to share your personal library with other users. It already holds a vast number of rigs. Sharing a profile or rig is as easy as sending an e-mail.


Amplifier profiling is a new and unique way to extract the sound and feel of a tube amp and store it away for later use. Profiling doesn't just create a static snapshot; it can give you a deeper control of your sound than your original amp can provide. The response to your playing, dyna- mics and all other details are captured by the profiling process.

The Input Stage

Thanks to a Hi-Z input optimized for passive guitar pickups, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier offers a crystal clear signal path.

The Stack

The Stack section of the Kemper Profiling Amplifier consists of the profiled amplifier, equalizer and cabinet. You can mix and match any amp with any cabinet in your library. You can even creatively change the sonic behaviour of any recently profiled amplifier.

Master FX

The master effects section features reverb, delay and additional slots for stomp boxes to refine your amplifier?s tone. The six knobs on the front panel offer convenient access to the most important settings. The reverb section features a dense and lively reverb algorithm which won?t mask the original signal. The delay section features several tape and stereo delay algorithms which can be synched to MIDI clock.

Amp Controls

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier includes the standard Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls that you would expect from a guitar amplifier. However, in contrast to many vintage amps, we have kept the gain control neutral, so you are able to find the sweet spot of your amp, and run this optimal sound at any gain level.

More about profiling

"Profiling" is what we have named our proprietary technology that captures the sound and feel of a specific tube amplifier. In other words, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier doesn't simply give you a list of static digital amplifier reproductions - instead, profiling creates a vivid, living, dynamic and multi-dimensional image of your existing tube amp. Profiling is as simple as plugging your tube amp into the Kemper Profiling Amplifier and pressing 'record.' Just insert the Kemper Profiling Amplifier into the recording chain and it will do its magic. Test signals will be sent from the Kemper Profiler Amplifier into your tube amp and recorded by the microphone in front of your cabinet. You don't even have to play your guitar. After less than a minute the Kemper Profiling Amplifier acquires the sonic DNA of your tube amp and offers you the resulting custom profile. You can then use the A/B comparison mode to compare original tube amp sound with the profiled sound. This gives you a fast and convenient way to make final tweaks to the profile to get it exactly right.

Imagine if you could change the sonic character of a profile way beyond what's possible with the amp itself. What if you could change the sonic age of the amp, or the bite of the pick- What if you could modify the power supply of your profiled amp in order to benefit from power sagging- The Kemper Profiling Amplifier allows you to dynamically adjust key aspects of your favorite amps which would otherwise be impossible or require hardware modifications. Make it larger than life. You can do anything from minor tweaks, such as making a profile sound a bit more vintage, to more radical changes such as adding some modern high-gain chunk

Whats new in Firmware 1.5 - Announced November 2012

The Profiling Amp was originally designed to faithfully recreate the sound of a tube amplifier, the corresponding cabinet and the microphone in front of it. For recording or stage PA situations, this is the perfect solution for getting the full guitar amp sound reproduced. But the Profiler still needed a solution for playing through a standard guitar cabinet. The CabDriver feature now allows for doing exactly that! CabDriver retains the tube power amp characteristics and speaker action of the original amp, which is coded in the profile, and translates it perfectly to the speaker cabinet. No additional tweaking of the sounds required!

To get the perfect "amp in the room" sound on stage or in the rehearsal room, simply amplify the signal from the Profilers monitor output with any neutral solid-state power amp into a standard guitar cabinet. And now for the nifty bit: you can run the full profile to the main PA of the venue while simultaneously "cabdriving" your guitar speaker cabinet for monitoring on stage. This makes the Kemper Profiling Amp the perfect all in one sound solution for any guitar player that travels from the rehearsal room to the studio and to the stage.

Also new in Version 1.5 is a convenient new method to load amps, cabs or stacks from any other rig into the rig that is actually loaded. When browsing in the cabinet section you can now choose to scroll through all the other rigs and pick the cabinet included in those. Following the same principle you can also select an amp or complete stack from any rig. That makes it easy to combine amplifier profiles with cabinet profiles. The software version 1.5 is a free download from the Kemper Amps Website: http://www.kemper-amps.com.

Famous Users

  • Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Conquering Dystopia)
  • Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Pauolo Gregoletto (Trivium)
  • Keith Merrow (Demisery, Conquering Dystopia)
  • Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared)
  • Andy Sneap (Producer)
  • Aziz Ibrahim (Simply Red, Paul Weller)
  • Dino Cazares (Fear Factory)
  • Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Kansas)

Sound on Sound Review Quotes

Review by David Greeves & Paul White. Read it in full in Sound On Sound volume 27 issue 6

  • I decided to create two profiles of the small valve amp I often use for recording, set at its clean and overdriven 'sweet spots'. Not only was I impressed by how quick and easy this was, but once refined, the resulting profiles were literally indistinguishable from the miked up tone.
  • What makes the KPA truly unique is that these profiles are not digitally modelled presets that I've created and saved. They are my amp, in my studio, miked up the way I like it, and at my disposal 24/7.
  • It's hard not to feel excited about the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. There's still some work to do, in making it a little easer to browse profiles and assemble rigs... Even so, the KPA is a compelling sonic platform for electric guitarists and undoubtedly a major new player on the scene.
  • There's an impressive sense of depth, detail and realism to the amp sounds on offer, both in terms of tone and the way they respond to playing dynamics. But it's the ability to create new profiles that's most exciting, especially if you don't have access to a soundproofed live room around the clock.
  • The result was impressive. The KPA really does what its makers claim. - Paul White
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