Premium Guitar Pedals

Premium Guitar Pedals

Andertons Music Co. love quality guitar gear, especially guitar pedals. That's why we're always willing to take on new and exciting brands like Meris, Spaceman Effects and Chase Bliss Audio, as well as old faithfuls such as Boss, Keeley and T Rex. From delay to reverb, synth to overdrive and preamps to multi FX, there's a huge amount of variety to explore. 

Are you after something to get stuck into for hours on end? Strymon and Eventide are the way to go, as these two innovators love to pack the latest technology into their workstation pedals. Classic players will love Vemuram - arguably the most premium of overdrive sculptors in the world.

The amount of innovative styles you'll find here are amazing. Empress are all about exceptional sounds and truly unique ways of delivering it. Even Electro Harmonix are in on the act with their own expansive multi FX workstation. 

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