Meris are a boutique effects pedal company at the forefront of artistic sound design. Define your style with these little boxes of handcrafted algorithms.


Meris pedals are the driving force behind your instrument, whether you play the acoustic or electric guitars, synthesizers, drum machines or anything else you can think to plug in.

Sound & Connectivity

Meris is at the cutting edge of sound shaping, and intuitive design. They're like the Tesla of the guitar industry. Whatever function you'd like to see built into a stompbox, from MIDI control to switchable bypass, buffered and line signal, full expression pedal compatibility to stereo ins/outs, they've already thought of it. 

The range is built on four unique effects pedals: the Enzo synth, Ottobit Jr. bitcrusher, Polymoon delay and Mercury7 reverb. Each has been created with a vast wealth of sounds and applications yet to be discovered. The company take inspiration from their musical backgrounds and interests in the likes of computer games and film scores.

Dive into 12 sets of parameters on each pedal, as well as overarching functions like monophony, polyphony and arpeggiator selection on the Enzo or quarter/eighth note phaser in the Polymoon. All built with premium quality 24 bit A/D and D/A, JFET input circuitry and classy aluminium cases with sleek finishes.

About Meris

The Californian-based brand consists of three tonal masterminds behind the direction of their incredible pedals: Angelo Mazzocco, a DSP engineer; Jinna Kim, creative director and Terry Burton, founder and engineer.  

They treat each of their pedals as individual instruments, equipping them with a deep and expansive set of parameters. You can shape the sound from your Meris pedal into something completely unique to your style. 

More info

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