Premium & High-End Drums

Sitting behind a luxurious drum kit can be a truly inspiring experience, and then there's actually playing one...

At Andertons Music Co. we’ve got a wide selection of premium drum kits, both acoustic and electronic. Even if you're the most fastidious of drummers, we're confident that you'll find something special.

Why Buy a Premium Drum Kit?

First-Class Sounds

1st-Class Sounds

When it comes to drum kits, the phrase "you get what you pay for" couldn't be truer. These days, you can buy a full drum kit for a very reasonable price, many of which are stage and recording-worthy. However, the sounds and playability offered by a premium, handbuilt drum kit are something to behold.

Constructed from the finest materials and components available, acoustic and electronic drum kits from the likes of Pearl, Sonor and Roland not only look stunning, but emit some of the finest drum tones you'll have ever heard; inspiring you for years to come.

Lifetime Quality

Lifetime Quality

Modern production methods have allowed the drum industry to expand, with thousands of kits produced every single day. However, a traditional handcrafted drum kit is made with that extra finesse and attention-to-detail; something that machines cannot replicate.

If you're looking for a drum kit that can last a lifetime, or even as an investment, a high-end kit will have better longevity and retain its value over time. You never know, it may even become a collectable treasure.

SNT Program

SNT Program

A large number of our premium drums kits are part of our 'SNT' program, which means that each instrument will get individually photographed by our team. This allows you to choose the exact drum kit that you would like, just as if you were in the store!

This is incredibly handy when choosing between two particularly beautiful kits, so we’ve made the tough choices even easier. It doesn't end there either, as all SNT guitars come with a free USB stick filled with these professional photos.



An elite drum kit can be a big investment, and the prospect of dropping several thousands of pounds in one go can be quite daunting. But don’t fret, as at Andertons Music Co. we offer multiple finance options (subject to status) so that you can spread the cost over several months.

With 9 months 0% finance available, we also have extended options such as 18, 24 and even 36 months 0% finance on selected models!

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Why Buy from Andertons?

Andertons Music Co. won NAMM’s prestigious ‘Dealer of the Year’ Award at its summer event in 2018. As the only company in Europe to feature on its Top 100 list in 2017, we went one better for 2018 and became the first ever non-US retailer to top the list in NAMM’s 117 year history! This milestone reflects our passion for music and the class-leading customer service that we provide. If you’re keen to purchase a premium drum kit, we strongly believe that we are one of the best stores in the world to buy from.

Andertons Music Co. is proud to stock a vast range of drum kits from an enviable number of established brands - including Pearl, Mapex, DW and Tama. With a huge selection of acoustic drum gear and accessories available, including cymbals from Zildjian, Sabian and Dream, our diverse catalogue ensures that players of all disciplines are catered for. That's why we also stock electronic drums, percussion instruments and even gongs!