Hamstead Soundworks

Hamstead are a British boutique amp brand, boasting a range of pure-bred valve amplifiers that are capable of delivering both classic and modern tones.

Hamstead Soundworks

History of Hamstead Soundworks

Established in 2012, Hamstead Soundworks is a young brand amongst its contemporaries in the electric guitar amp world. It's youth as a brand, however, is not indicative of inexperience though. That's because founder Peter Hamstead has spent decades working as an electronic design engineer, being involved in some huge aviation projects - including Concorde.

With so much valuable experience under his belt, Peter turned his attention to guitar amplification, designing arguably some of the best amplifiers we've ever heard at Andertons Music Co. After being asked by his friend and colleague Jim Bird whether he could replicate the sound of his old and cherished modified amplifier, Peter went one step further and bettered the original.

This design would later inspire Hamstead's flagship Artist 20+RT and Artist 60+RT amplifiers. With a single channel, these amps encompass that iconic British sound, however they are far more versatile than that. Available in combo and head formats, these amps can go from crystal-clear cleans to rich and warm overdrive tones. Also featuring built-in spring reverb and tremolo effects, you can also use these amps as their perfect guitar pedal platforms, thanks to their circuitry and line level series FX loops.  

With fantastic amp cabinets also in their current catalogue, Hamstead accommodate for players that prefer old-school boutique aesthetics and, of course, only the best tones. The Odyssey overdrive pedal is another highlight of the Hamstead range. Featuring multiple voicing switches and a 3-band EQ, this powerful pedal can take you from a clean boost to thick and heavy distorted tones ideal for hard rock and even metal.