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Condition: Good
This pedal is in good condition.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is second hand and may not include all accesories. Please contact us for further information.

Combining versatility and superb sound the Supa-Trem ST-1 uses a custom-designed fast-recovery photocell to clone the tremelo circuits found in 60s-era tube amps.  Although it reproduces an almost exact copy of their sounds, you can tell the difference, in a good way... the Supa-Trem ST-1 avoids the annoying ticking sounds that often accompany these trem circuits and pedals for a cleaner sound. You can also use the Supa-Trem ST-1 as a clean boost pedal when you don't want the wonderfully weird wobble of a tremelo effect.

We all know how rough it can be on the road, on and off the stage. You can rest assured that this is one pedal that really knows how to take a battering, with its heavy-duty casing, covered in an eye-catching Metalic Blue Finish. This pedal will stand up to whatever you can throw at it and will deliver time and time again! Boasting its very own custom-made brass-shaft pots, they are grouped with the strongest and smoothest feeling pots available on the modern market! Fixed inside the interior PCB board by a "thru-PCB" method, it avoids relying on the pot to be secured to the pot terminals themselves, which will reduce any risk of pot-related failure by a large amount, ensuring your pedals will last you a very long time!

Fulltone have an extensive artist following with players including Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Nigel Tufnel (Spinal Tap), Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Horton Heat, Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Jack Bruce (Cream), Lou Reed known to have Fulltone equipment in their set-ups! So for vintage to modern overdive, check out the Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET Overdrive Pedal today!

Key Features:

  • Photo-cell trem for classic tremolo sound without the ticking
  • Separate footswitch for "hard" and "soft" waveform for added flexibility
  • Can act as a clean boost for more options
  • Footswitchable Half/Full speed for quick adjustments
  • True bypass to maintain signal purity when bypassed


  • Type: Tremolo
  • Inputs: 1 x Instrument
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • Power Supply Included: No
  • Batteries: 1 x 9V
  • Height: 2.5"
  • Depth: 3.25"
  • Width: 6"
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

What Fulltone say about the Custom Shop Supa-Trem Stereo Tremelo Guitar Pedal:

Fulltone Supa-Trem Model ST-1, the finest amp-style Tremolo pedal you can buy since 1996, just got a whole lot better... It's now also an INCREDIBLE sounding clean boost!

For years people have been turning the ST-1’s MIX knob down all the way, opening the pedal, and turning up its internal volume control to maximum, and using the Supa-Trem as a very subtle clean boost. Now I’ve put a low-profile VOLUME knob on the outside of the pedal, and increased its available gain to around 15dB... allowing the ST-1 to pull double duty as a stellar clean boost. One reason the Supa-Trem sounds so good is that it uses a wonderful Analog Devices JFET AD711JN at the heart of its circuit, giving you a warm yet clear tone when your pedal is turned on.

The ST-1 also employs a custom-designed Fulltone Opto-1 photocell with an extremely fast recovery time which no other manufacturer can match. This makes it behave just like an old 1960’s American tube-amp, but without the annoying ticking sounds that plague amps and other tremolo pedals. The Supa-Trem is the most versatile tremolo on the market, sporting True-Bypass with Blue ON/OFF L.E.D. and a Red RATE L.E.D. showing your speed at all times (even when pedal is OFF) so you can drop right into the song at the correct tempo.

With the ST-1’s large RATE and MIX knobs you can fine-tune on-the-fly with your foot. The SPEED footswitch correctly halves or doubles your tempo so you stay rhythmically-correct with the tempo of the song you’re playing!

Finally, there’s a HARD/SOFT footswitch for choosing between SOFT MODE (a rollicking sine-wave) or HARD MODE, which is more of a square-wave machine-gun stutter. There's an internal trimmer to fine-tune the current reaching the Photocell to change feel of the waveform, although we recommend leaving it where we set it so you have the ability to turn down the MIX control and not hear any tremolo when using as a clean boost.

If you like organic Tremolo tones there’s nothing that approaches the Fulltone Supa-Trem ST-1,

Cool Trick! Turn the MIX knob full CCW, make sure the HARD/SOFT switch is set to SOFT, and your pedal becomes an amazing Clean Boost device when you turn it on... simply set the VOLUME knob to how ever much kick you want. NOW, if you want to add tremolo, simply step on the HARD/SOFT footswitch and you’ll have a normal sounding sine-wave tremolo.

This product is currently not available.

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