Pedal Power Supplies

Powering your pedals properly will ensure that you get the most out of them. Any product from our world-class selection of pedal power supplies will provide great results — low-noise operation & the best tones!

Pedal Power Supplies

A guitar pedal power supply is a unit that distributes appropriate electricity to your stompboxes. The main benefit of a pedal PSU is that it allows you to run your effects with consistent and reliable power, rather than batteries which will eventually run out of juice — often without warning! More pedal brands are also designing their products without battery compartments, making the need for a dedicated pedal power supply even greater.

Most high-quality pedalboard power supply products feature isolated outputs, which send adequate voltage and current to your effects separately — to prevent audible interference and hiss from occurring between them. While most conventional guitar pedal PSUs will boast a number of 9V outputs to accommodate most standard stompboxes, some high-end options will feature 12V outputs to power more sophisticated premium pedals.

Voodoo Lab power supplies are considered the industry standard, with their Pedal Power series PSUs used by thousands of guitar players all over the world. Strymon is another noteworthy brand, specialising in power supplies that feature high-current outputs for thirsty digital pedals.

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