History of T Rex

T Rex are a Danish company with strong values and a strong ethos for creating guitar pedals that sound incredible but are also strong and sturdy and practical to use. The best way to describe their pedals is ‘practical’ because they never create pedals that are so obscure that you can’t use them in a song but all of their pedals will inspire you to write and play more.

Their designs all have some similarities which attest to the consistency of T Rex products. Their Jack Connectors, Footswitches and Potentiometers are been thoroughly tested before going onto a pedal and this is what makes the difference on the road. It would be safe to say that T Rex pedals are – and always have been – built like tanks.

The T Rex Range

The T Rex Mudhoney is probably their most famous pedal. It’s a low to mid-gain overdrive that can cut through any mix but has a stunning, smooth top-end when heard on its own. It’s been seen on pedalboards all around the years and has now gone through a few different iterations.

The Fuel Tank is also worth a mention because these affordable power supplies have powered boards for years. They’re reliable and strong and completely noise-free which is important for any power supply.

T Rex Engineering also recently issued a full Tape Echo unit for stunning, real tape delay sounds. The company continue to innovate and we hope to see a Binson Echo Rec clone soon…

Check out the full T Rex range below and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be happy to help.