Headless Electric Guitars

Headless electric guitars are back in a big way. Here at Andertons, we're delighted to stock a fantastic selection of these cutting-edge, compact & ergonomic instruments!

Headless Electric Guitars

Headless guitars may be synonymous with modern guitar players, and indeed perceived as a new "thing", but they've actually been around since the '80s! Innovated by Steinberger, these instruments were fairly popular among mainstream bands from that era but became somewhat unfashionable by the end of the decade.

However, brands like Strandberg and Kiesel helped to bring headless guitars back into the spotlight in the 2010s — finding favour with contemporary rock/metal players and virtuosos who prioritise comfort and portability over convention.

What are the Advantages of Headless Guitars?

Well, there are several. Not only are headless guitars shorter and therefore less cumbersome than some traditional instruments, but they are also lighter and, often, better-balanced — making them easier to perform with. Most headless guitars also lack a nut, which can improve intonation and thus allow for a more open sound. Some headless instruments are very easy to restring too, thanks to clever locking mechanisms that are designed to speed up the process.

Which Brands Make Headless Guitars?

While headless electric guitars remain fairly divisive, more companies and guitarists are warming to them — with a greater amount of options available than there ever has been. Steinberger continue to produce their distinctive-looking instruments, which feature their signature under-sized body design and are far more affordable than those from the original '80s line. We also carry Jamstik Guitars, which not only adhere to the headless concept, but also serve as sophisticated MIDI controllers for seamless use with DAWs.