Jim Dunlop Guitar Care & Maintenance

Keeping your guitar clean and in good condition will ensure that it lasts a lifetime. And when it comes to which products are the best for this, Jim Dunlop’s guitar care and maintenance gear is considered the industry standard.

Jim Dunlop Guitar Care & Maintenance

The Jim Dunlop guitar care range is fairly diverse. Although most of their cleaning solutions come in the same-sized spray bottle, they all have fairly specific functions and are used to clean only certain areas of a guitar.

Dunlop’s Formula 65 spray is a bestseller, and is fairly universal as it can be used to clean both a guitar’s body and any dirty, grimey hardware. The Platinum 65 sprays are a step up from this, as with a 3-stage method you can deep clean, polish and wax your instrument for a showroom look.

Cleaning the fretboard requires slightly more care and research. For tackling a rosewood or ebony fingerboard, you can use Jim Dunlop’s Lemon Oil spray to hydrate and cleanse the wood. But for those that also want to clean and polish their frets at same time, the Fingerboard Cleaner and Prep spray is all-encompassing.

Jim Dunlop’s guitar care and maintenance range also features tools for ensuring that your instrument is set up to the best possible standard. If you’re reluctant to get a technician to adjust your action and intonation; with these tools you can do it yourself!