Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

Gretsch acoustic guitars have a unique character ranging from vintage-style jazz and roots guitars to more versatile and extravagantly styled models. Whatever the model, all these guitars retain the unmistakeable Gretsch style and charm.

Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

You may be more familiar with Gretsch from their electric guitars, but they bring the same design philosophy to their range of acoustic guitars. From designs that hark back to the mid 20th century, including archtops, to the more extravagantly styled Rancher series, these acoustic guitars are still definitively Gretsch.

The more vintage-styled acoustic guitars include a range of archtops that offer the look and sound of an old jazz guitar. For something more bluesy there's the popular and affordable Jim Dandy Parlour model which offers that boxy, rootsy tone that emerged from the Depression-era.

The Rancher lineup offers an aesthetic that's closer to the iconic style of their electric guitars. The Ranchers come in a range of body shapes but mostly jumbo and dreadnought styles so you can a more versatile sound than the vintage-inspired models. Most of them also feature glitzier appointments like gold pickguards and hardware that make them look closer to their electric counterparts.

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