New Gibson Slash Les Pauls – ’58 Standard & Anaconda Burst!

Slash was recently announced as Gibsons first 'Global Brand Ambassador' and to commemorate the honour, they've announced some stunning new signature models!

Slash & Gibson

The image of Slash wielding a Les Paul is one that pretty much defines rock 'n' roll music. These new Les Pauls have been spec'd by the top-hat-toting guitarist himself, lovingly crafted by Gibson down to the finest detail. Own an authentic piece of rock history! There are two new ranges to choose from, and both are highly limited in availability - if you want one, you'd better be fast!

Gibson USA 2018 Slash Les Paul Anaconda Burst

Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul 'First Standard'

  • Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul 'First Standard' Replica Aged - Signed by Slash himself! - SOLD OUT
  • Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul 'First Standard' Replica Aged - SOLD OUT
  • Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul 'First Standard' Vintage Gloss - SOLD OUT

Gibson Slash Les Paul in Anaconda Burst

  • Gibson Slash Anaconda Burst Les Paul Flame Top - Signed by Slash himself! - SOLD OUT
  • Gibson Slash Anaconda Burst Les Paul Plain Top - Signed by Slash! - SOLD OUT
  • Gibson Slash Anaconda Burst Les Paul Plain Top - Unsigned - SOLD OUT

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Gibson Custom Shop Slash 1958 Les Paul 'First Standard'

The '58 Legacy

The number #8-3096 might not mean much at first glance, but this unassuming series of numbers helped define rock music as we know it - it’s the serial number of Slash’s iconic Sunburst 1958 Les Paul Standard, the first ever production Les Paul Standard model! In 2017, Gibson and Slash set out to painstakingly recreate this invaluable, instantly recognisable instrument down to the finest detail.

Gibson have aimed to capture the '58s legendary sustain with a solid mahogany neck, featuring a long-tenon joint. This means a larger contact area between the neck and the body, giving you that famed never-ending sustain.

A solid rosewood fretboard gives you unparalleled smooth playability, coupled with a solid mahogany body and a 2-piece maple top. Combine this with dual Alnico III Custombuckers & vintage bumblebee capacitors, and you've got a truly outstanding tonal palette. Your riffs will snarl and your leads will shimmer like never before.

Unique & Authentic

This is a masterful recreation through and through. Painstakingly aged by Gibson’s world-class luthiers, the attention to detail is astonishing. The vintage-style hardware oozes wisdom, and the affected lacquer finish and inlays will transport you back to a golden era of guitar history. Make no mistake- this is a lovingly crafted work of art that’ll have you spellbound at first sight!

Appetite For Destruction!

'That' Slash tone has been chased for years since the iconic Guns n' Roses album came out in 1987. And after touring extensively with prototype models for the last 2 years, Slash has signed off the newest way to get his tone with this Les Paul.

The Seymour Duncan Slash APH pickup set have been specifically voiced to match his original Appetite For Destruction Les Paul with that beefy mid-range and powerful, singing top-end. Not to mention the brutish low-end response.

It's this familiar sustain and crunch that form the foundation of his guitar tone.

Custom Shop Spec!

Everything about this guitar just screams quality. It's based on the original 50's Les Pauls that Slash owns. Right down to the coveted long neck tenon that connects the neck to the body - a feature famously used on 59 Les Pauls to notoriously improve sustain.

The neck profile has been specified by Slash himself and won't be found on any other Custom Shop guitar. It's slightly thinner at the low-end and fills out a bit as you move up the frets so that you can really hang on those long, sustained notes.

It's safe to say that Slash knows a good Les Paul and the spec on this model sums up the perfect Les Paul. Even down to the expensive hide glue that holds the pieces of wood together.

This old-school process is time-consuming to do, but wields the best results because it forms a bond between the wood rather than a thick barrier like cheaper glues tend to do. Hide glue is part of the reason that old guitars seem to resonate and sustain so much better than some newer, cheaper instruments.

Slash Announced as Global Ambassador

Slash has been announced as the first global brand ambassador for Gibson meaning he'll be directly involved in developing a series of new products with Epiphone, Gibson and Gibson Custom Shop. Slash’s signature sound was sculpted with several of his favorite Gibson guitars, which introduced an entirely new generation to the power and passion of the brand's designs.

“It's an honour to be Gibson's first Global Brand Ambassador,” says Slash. “I've been working with Gibson since the early days of my professional career and playing Gibson guitars since before that. I'm proud of the creative relationship we've developed over the years.” Shop Gibson Guitars!

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