Fender Epic Deal - Save £1320 on Vibro-King Amps!

It's Fender Epic Deal time at Andertons Music Co!
We've got a mouth-watering offer, sure to appeal to true Fender amp connoisseurs.

Fender Vibro-King Amplifiers

Were £3669 – Now £2349!

In this incredible deal, you can save a whopping £1320 on a brand new hand-wired Fender Vibro-King! This amp screams that classic Fender tone, with a bright and spanky clean with all the headroom in the world.

The Vibro-King is one of those Fender amps that just has it all the minute you plug into it. It effortlessly boasts those gorgeous, full-bodied cleans that you’d expect from a Fender amplifier.

And the fact that it’s hand-wired in the US will give you peace of mind, knowing that care and attention has been put into every stage of the build process. Hand-wired amps are also incredibly easy to fix and maintain should anything go wrong in the distant future. This therefore makes this an amp to cherish for a long time – essentially the perfect workhorse!

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Versatile Tones

The best part about the Vibro-King is how responsive it is to your playing. It quietens down and cleans up beautifully when you roll down your guitar volume, but can also kick out some serious dirt when overdriven. Blues master Gary Clark Jr. is known for using the Vibro-King to it’s full potential. By cranking it on-stage, he gets sparkling, crystal cleans as well as fully-fuzzed-out tones with the right pedal.

When you get the chance to really crank the volume, you’ll notice how thick the distorted sounds really are! And the Vibro-King also serves as a great pedal platform, taking overdrive and fuzz pedals well and really maximising their tonal idiosyncrasies. With an effects loop too, you can run all of your favourite delay, reverb and modulation pedals through the Vibro-King.

The Perfect Speaker

The Fender Special Design Alnico P10R-F speakers (by Jensen) offer oodles of warmth and character, that’ll make your playing sound more expressive than ever. Conveying the articulation and dynamics in your playing, these speakers provide an incredibly responsive feel.

Still not sold on the Fender Vibro-King? Check out this video to hear just what it's about, it might change your mind!

Fender Vibro-King Epic Deal on Andertons T.V.

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