Fender FSR & Limited Edition Series Guitars

Fender FSR stands for Fender Special Run and is easily defined as limited edition, special instruments that normally come around once in a lifetime. If you like the look of one, you’d better be fast!

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1 - 24 of 53

Fender FSR & Limited Edition Series Guitars

Fender FSR can be anything from limited edition finish guitars, to more outlandish projects and to re-wired versions of your favourite amplifier. These instruments and amps are normally released ad-hoc throughout the year, but always deliver something cool and exciting for us to get our teeth stuck into. Sometimes Fender's Made in Japan instruments are also classed as FSR because they aren’t made for the European or American market. These will then be launched in very small batches to this side of the world and you can get your hands on a very rare piece.
Fender FSR guitars can be anything in the Fender range (barring Custom Shop perhaps) including Mexican and American models. There have some stunning releases over the years including special colour Hot Rod Deluxes, Parallel Universe Instruments (Imagine a Tele, Strat, Jazzmaster Frankenstein guitar) and more. Shop the range below and find your next special purchase.

Fender FSR Guitars FAQs

What does FSR mean?

FSR stands for Fender Special Run. These are unique limited edition runs which change up the sound and feel of classic Fender instruments.

Where are Fender FSR guitars made?

This depends on where the Fender series is made. Player and Vintera guitars are made in Mexico, while American Professional, American Original, and American Ultra guitars are made in the USA.

How quick do Fender FSR guitars sell?

Fast. And because they're limited run, you might never find the same one twice. We recommend you make up your mind quickly!

What ranges do Fender FSR cover?

FSR covers every Fender range but the Custom Shop. The FSR team takes stock series lines and mixes up the specs to make something unique. Squier also run their own line of FSR guitars.