G&L Fallout Guitars

G&L Fallout guitars are made for rocking with. Featuring an original body design, these models sport a potent pickup pairing that will suit modern players in particular.

G&L Fallout Guitars

G&L Tribute Fallout Guitars

If you’re a contemporary player looking for a unique-looking instrument that can handle high-gain, the G&L Tribute Fallout is a contender that you should definitely consider.


G&L Fallout guitars feature Mahogany bodies, a material that provides a deep and harmonically-rich tone that serves as an excellent sonic foundation for the punchy-sounding pickups. Although Mahogany is quite heavy, its higher density enhances note sustain.

Maintaining Leo Fender's long-established bolt-on design, G&L Tribute Fallout guitars are fitted with Hard Rock Maple necks that add some crucial top-end vibrancy and snap. Depending on which finish you prefer, their necks are adorned with either Maple or Brazilian Cherry fingerboards.

Electronics & Hardware

G&L Tribute Fallout models employ a Paul Cagon-designed bridge humbucker; able to handle copious amounts of gain should you wish to. Wired around an Alnico magnet, this pickup can really dish the dirt without becoming muddy with clean amp settings. The neck P90 pickup works well with the humbucker, and projects a mid-focused sound that is amazing for lead lines.

G&L innovated many concepts with Leo Fender's leadership, and their ‘Saddle-Lock’ bridge is one of their best. This thoughtfully-made bridge boasts a clever mechanism that prevents the string saddles from moving loosely, ensuring a consistent distance between the strings. This design also enhances the string vibrations through the body to increase resonance.