Marshall Amps

Marshall DSL Guitar Amps

The DSL series represents legendary, valve-powered Marshall tone at an affordable price-point.

Marshall DSL Guitar Amps

The Marshall DSL amplifier line has been a cornerstone of the company’s catalogue for years. With the distinctive black and gold styling that all guitarists should be familiar with, these particular guitar amplifiers are renowned for their supreme versatility. In fact, the DSL40C guitar amp combo has been used extensively in our ‘Sound Like’ series on Andertons TV, able to cover a variety of genres.

Featuring 2 essential channels, the DSL provides chiming cleans and those classic saturated distortion tones that make a Marshall - a Marshall! With classic gain and ultra gain sections, you can go from warm and bluesy overdrive to fire-breathing, punchy JCM800-style high-gain sounds.

Available in different formats, ranging from the tiny 1W combo to the beastly 100W amp head, the DSL is a very accessible range that can cater for home users to professional touring musicians.