The Best Gift Ideas for Drummers

Read through our guide if you need inspiration when buying gifts for the drummer in your life - or perhaps you want to treat yourself!


Buying gifts for drummers can be hard! Well. here to help are some great ideas that will be sure to put a smile on their face!

If you’re a drummer looking for ideas to add to your gift list, or a gift buyer racking your brains for a great present, check out this handy list of gift ideas that any drummer will love. Whether you’re looking for a little Christmas stocking filler or something big, we’ve got something to suit all budgets.

  1. Earplugs
  2. A proper metronome
  3. A stick bag
  4. Moongel
  5. Practice pads
  6. Precision drum tuners
  7. Make your own cajon
  8. New cymbals
  9. A secondary snare
  10. Acoustic drum triggers

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Ok, I admit; not the coolest present in the world. But a key part of any drummers kit.

Drums are loud, really loud, and if we’re spending time worrying about annoying the neighbors we might forget to consider the affect high sound levels have on our own hearing. But help is on hand. A good set of earplugs will greatly reduce noise levels without altering the way things sound. This means mean we can preserve our hearing while still enjoying every note we play.

They don’t even need to be massive ear defenders! There’s a great selection of discreet in ear plugs that mean your hearing is saved whilst still looking cool.

A Proper Metronome

One of the basic accessories in a drummer’s toolkit, a decent metronome is key in helping a drummer to progress; ensuring that they can stay in time, whatever the tempo or the difficulty of the groove.

Metronomes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the simple metronomes that give a basic beat to more detailed metronomes that have many more features.

The Tama Rhythm Watch and Rhythm Watch mini have been specifically designed for drummers; you can set a variety of rhythms and speeds to test your chops, along with other great features. Other recommended metronomes for drummers include the Boss Dr. Beat Serieswhich also feature advanced functions that are invaluable to any drummer that wants to become better at the drums!

A Stick Bag

Drummers usually carry round a range of sticks when they play.

Like a painter and his brushes, a drummer’s sticks offer a range of tones and timbres that you just couldn’t get with only one pair. Playing your own sticks also gives that personal and familiar touch to your playing, even when you’re using an unfamiliar kit in an unknown venue.

Carry all these different sticks in a bag and they’re neatly arranged for you to take them anywhere!


Moongel is a simple accessory that most drummers should have in their toolkit. You place Moongel on the top of your drums to reduce the amount that the drum skin resonates.

This results in a cleaner more focused sound and can do wonders for less expensive kits.

Practice Pads

Practice pads are a really simple and effective way of practicing quietly at any time of day or night. If you don’t have an electronic kit, these pads are essential. What’s more, their compact enough to take away with you. All you need is a pad and a pair of sticks and you can practice in any hotel room around the world!

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Precision Drum Tuners

Drum tuning can be a slow tedious process, especially for those new to the idea. So why not make things easier with a drum tuner?

We have the choice of 2 Drum Tuners on offer at Andertons. If your drummer is a bit old-school, The DrumDial is a gorgeous device that measuring the tension of the drumhead to get perfectly tuned and beautiful sounding drums with ease.

On the other hand, The Tune-Bot is an Electronic tuner that simply clamps onto the rim of your drum and can tune without being repositioned.

A Drum Tuner is great gift for any drummer who wants to make their kit sound like a million dollars… so every drummer then!

Make your own Cajon

This one’s for all the practical drummers out there. You can get a kit to make your own instrument with the bare materials. The kits are by no means full proof, but any keen DIY enthusiast or a kid with a practical parent willing to help will love this as a project.

The 2 kits offer a regular Cajon or a bongo Cajon. They have been created by popular Cajon brand Meinl, so providing you follow all the right steps, you’ll have an instrument to rival the best out there!

Some New Cymbals

A drummer can never have too many cymbals!

If you’re looking for something a little different , A Splash Cymbal is a great choice.

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A Secondary Snare Drum

You may be thinking “Hey, they already have a snare” but it’s quite common for drummers to have a second snare in their kit called a “side Snare”. It gives a completely different sound to a main element in your kit.

Acoustic Drum Triggers

Drum triggers are one of the less obvious choices to buy a drummer. They attach to an acoustic drumkit and are able to trigger electronic sounds and various drum samples as you play your kit.

You may wonder why this is needed?

Drum triggers used in the right way can enhance and completely transform a regular kit into something that sounds full and rich with detail. You combine the sounds of an acoustic kit with other sounds; maybe they want a subtle effect like a more punchy bass drum, add a little sparkle with a tambourine sound on their high hat, or even go full out and add some distorted electronic grit into their snare.

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