Orange Crush Amps

Verging on the obsessive, Orange have been hard at work designing the Crush solid-state amps for use everywhere from the studio, to the stage and to the bedroom.

Orange Crush Amps

Orange are a legendary British-based amp company renowned for their classic tube tone. But the Crush takes a completely different direction with the same outstanding results. 

The Crush range is completely solid-state, meaning no old-fashioned valves powering these amps. This makes them super reliable, versatile and affordable. 

Available in a wide variety of variations, from small combos to high wattage heads, the Crush will suit whatever type of music you like playing. Be it glassy cleans for indie and folk or heavy overdrive and distortion for rock and metal, expect the very best in solid-state sound. 

Find the perfect matching cabinet for your Crush amp right here. 

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