G&L Comanche Guitars

G&L Comanche guitars are clearly inspired by the iconic S-style. However, the Comanche is perhaps G&L's biggest departure from this design, especially with its unique Z-Coil pickups.

G&L Comanche Guitars

G&L Fullerton Deluxe Comanche Guitars


G&L USA Fullerton Deluxe Comanche guitars feature Ash bodies, paired with bolt-on Hard Rock Maple necks. Ash is a lightweight tonewood, making the Comanche an excellent live performance workhorse. Ash also yields a full tone with rich mid-range harmonics, while the Maple from the neck boosts top-end clarity for greater cut in a mix.

The Maple fingerboards fitted on G&L Comanche guitars are fitted with medium jumbo frets, while their 9 ½ “ radius' strike the perfect balance between vintage and modern. So, whether you're a contemporary player or a vintage aficianado, these guitars will feel great no matter what.

Electronics & Hardware

G&L Comanche guitars feature fairly distinctive-looking pickups; the brand's Magnetic Field Design (MFD) Z-Coils. Their offset Z-shape enhances the low-end of your bass strings and boosts the highs of your treble strings. This idiosyncratic concept results in a more balanced sound, while eliminating hum too.

Much like G&L's S-500 guitars, their PTB system is also installed in the Comanche models. Offering exceptional tonal flexibility, you can tailor the highs and lows until they're just right. A discrete mini-toggle also sits among these controls, which lets you use the bridge and neck pickups simultaneously or even all three at once.

G&L Tribute Comanche Guitars

It's hard to beat G&L's Tribute series guitars and basses when it comes to value-for-money. This is especially true when you consider the appointments on the G&L Tribute Comanche, which features the exact same Fullerton-made Z-coil pickups found in its USA counterparts. Not only that, but the G&L Tribute Comanche also boasts the versatile PTB tone system and the ultra-smooth 'Dual Fulcrum' tremolo.

The most notable difference, however, is that the Tribute model features a Mahogany body instead. Although it is much heavier than Ash, Mahogany is known for delivering a more rounded sound with deeper lows. The Tribute version also comes with a Brazilian Cherry fingerboard as an alternative to Maple, but from a tonal perspective, it is almost equally as bright-sounding.