Way Huge Electronics

Way Huge Electronics

Founded in LA by Jeorge Tripps, a pedal and electronics enthusiast, the aim was to use high quality components and simple construction to achieve far-out sounds, then combine them with funky colour schemes and creative names. The result: WAY HUGE.

Now owned by Jim Dunlop, a titan of the effects and accessories industry, their reach and reputation is bigger than ever. But one man’s vision remains the swirling core of the Way Huge ethos; Jeorge Tripps.

The Way Huge Range

Known for their great analogue circuity and subsequently warm, characterful sound, Way Huge offer a number of different effects ranging from blistering hot fuzz to throbbing modulation and everything in between.

Their distortions are among their most popular stompboxes. The Swollen Pickle is arguably their most popular pedal to date, offering you a sizeable bottom-friendly fuzz that tips its hat to the Big Muffs of old while having its own unique voice.

The fuzz theme continues with the Conquistador and Havalina, both of which seem to go from zero to full-pelt without much in between. Make no mistake, these pedals exist to make a statement! Way Huge also offer several overdrive, distortion and boost pedals, perfect for when you want to give the front of your sound an extra whacky kick.

You’ve also got some neat analogue delays to choose from, in the form of the Echo-Puss, Supa-Puss and Aqua-Puss. Each one of these feline-inspired units boasts a slightly different character, emphasising features such as 600ms delay and LFO modulation. Truly smooth and trippy sounds await – check them out for yourself!