Strymon Power Supplies

Strymon Power Supplies

Strymon are known for their high-end boutique effects pedal. But in order to get the most out of them, you'll need an equally advanced power supply. They've applied the same vast wealth of knowledge and quality components to their power supply range.

All Strymon Ojai and Zuma power supplies deliver pure, isolated power. That means no ground loop or AC line hum. Wherever you are in the world - regardless of 120V, 240V, 100V or other voltage variations, you're getting reliable energy efficiency.

As your pedal collection grows, your power supply needs to keep up. Strymon PSUs contain 24V out jacks to expand for more outputs. Integration into your current setup is simple. Strymon power supplies also come in a variety of slim, lightweight chassis to be mounted underneath a pedalboard.

Here's how many outputs each PSU provides:

  • Ojai – Five 9V 500mA outputs
  • Ojai R30 – Three 9V 500mA outputs, two 9V, 12V or 18V variable outputs
  • Zuma R300 - Four 9V 500mA outputs, one 9V, 12V or 18V variable output
  • Zuma - Seven 9V 500mA outputs, two 9V, 12V or 18V variable outputs