Empress Effects

Empress Effects

Empress Effects were created in the mid-2000s when Steve Bragg qualified from university and was approached to design a Tremolo pedal for a friend. What he ended up designing was a Tremolo with features that had never been seen on a pedal before. This was the birth of this incredible boutique effects company and they have since established themselves as powerhouses in the world of guitar effects.

The Empress Effects Range

Empress Effects are probably most well-known for their Superdelay which absolutely nails your basic delay pedal sounds and does them better than most. The Superdelay is, however, far from a ‘basic’ delay; it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to recall different presets, 8 different modes on-board including an autoset mode where the delay is determined by dynamically analysing the tempo that you’re playing.

Empress pedals are well known for their simple-looking design with loads of knobs and switches allowing you to control a number of parameters. While these may be intimidating to some, Empress pedals seem to sound good no matter how you set the controls. This allows you to get great sounds without worrying too much about understanding every parameter.

The Empress Effects Utility pedals like their Compressor, Buffer and Buffer Plus and ParaEQ pedal are world renowned as being some of the best on the market. These Swiss Army knife pedals just seem to add a sheen and clarity to your guitar signal in a way that other brands just don’t seem to.