Castedosa Guitars

Castedosa Guitars

Carlos Lopez, the founder and luthier behind Castedosa Guitars, was previously a Master Builder at Fender's prestigious Custom Shop division for 16 years. Working with world-famous artists including Josh Klinghoffer, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck — Lopez was most renowned for his offbeat builds and displayed obvious flair for niche, alternative guitar shapes.

Like many of us though, Carlos Lopez took stock of his life during the Coronavirus pandemic and pondered: "Is this where I'm going to stay? Is this where my story ends?" While appreciative of the "awesome" time he spent at Fender, where he sought to truly master his craft, Carlos felt compelled to do his own thing and started Castedosa Guitars in 2022 with his wife, Stephanie, as a means to continue that pursuit of growth and make his "contribution to the world."

Where are Castedosa guitars made?

All Castedosa electric guitars are hand-built by Carlos Lopez in Riverside, California. But the company is very much a family enterprise, with his wife Stephanie responsible for winding all of the pickups in their instruments.

What does 'Castedosa' mean?

'Castedosa' is a made-up word, but has plenty of meaning to Carlos. Coined by his wife, it's a name that was formed by combining the first few letters of the names of their family together. Carlos is proud that Castedosa Guitars is not just about him, but is rather something that brings both he and his wife closer together while leaving a legacy behind for their two children.

The Castedosa 'Conchers' Baritone

Castedosa's current guitar model is named after Carlos' late grandfather (nicknamed "Conchers"), who was a great mentor and inspiration in his life. Carlos Lopez explained that this is his way to "continue his legacy" and "tell his story through my guitars.” In short, it's a beastly baritone that's totally unique — sporting a cool retro look and a variety of intriguing features that include a 27" scale, an aged finish, a triple threat of pickups, a rock-solid Roasted Maple neck, a high-end Mastery tremolo, Kluson tuners and even built-in effects!

But why a baritone? Carlos Lopez believes that more guitarists are "gravitating towards different sonics and sounds" in order to discover their voice; naming Ariel Posen and Mark Lettieri as particular influences in the instrument's creation.

Spec a Custom Castedosa Guitar!

You can order your very own custom Castedosa Conchers Baritone guitar through the Andertons Guitar Gallery team, who you can contact using this form or by calling our store number: 01483 456777

There are many different specifications that you can choose from and change, such as the body colour, ageing level (light, medium or heavy), neck shape, pickup type (TS humbuckers, mini humbuckers, P-90s, etc.) and electronic customisations such as an onboard fuzz circuit! Just speak to one of the members of our Guitar Gallery team, and they’ll go through the order form process with you. Your dream guitar is waiting!