Vox Amps

Vox VX Series Amps

Vox’s entry level amp line-up is far from tinny tone and poor build quality. These practice amps rock hard.

Vox VX Series Amps

Vox have a rich pedigree of creating excellent practice amps for beginners and pro musicians alike. We’re treated the the VX range, a modelling solid-state option that provides tones for everything from folk to heavy metal. This is the easiest way to jam with a great sound.

You have the choice of a wide range of wattage options as well as amps for both electric guitars, acoustics and basses.

VX amps are equipped with classic effects on top of great tone. These are extremely flexible, utilising custom Vox speakers to deliver the pristine sound.

They’re powered by cutting edge VET technology, offering an array of modulations, delays, reverbs and legendary amp sounds. From boutique American cleans to high-gain double recitifers, VX amps can do it all.

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