Reverend Guitars

Reverend Double Agent Guitars

P90 in the neck. Humbucker in the bridge. From warm and bluesy to biting rock tones the Double Agent packs a punch.

Reverend Double Agent Guitars

The Reverend Double Agent can cover a range of styles, but is designed to excel at rock and blues genres and does so thanks to its humbucker-P90. This combo is not the most common, but it's arguably one of the best for rock and blues players. A P90 in the neck provides a smooth and full sound; warm but with more articulation than a humbucker. Switch to the humbucker in the bridge and you'll get those powerful, cutting rock tones that have have dominated rock music for decades.

All Double Agents have the humbucker-P90 configuration at their core but come in two diffferent styles:

  • Double Agent W - a double cutaway offset body with a Wilkinson tremolo bridge for incorporating pitch bending into your playing.
  • Double Agent OG - a single cutaway offset body with a fixed bridge and stopbar tailpiece for improved tuning stability.