Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars was founded in East Detroit in 1997, when industrial designer and guitar repairman Joe Naylor took it upon himself to build high-quality, alternative instruments at an accessible price-point. Bringing his unique designs to Mirr Music Co. in South Korea, who build all Reverend electric guitars and basses, Reverend's models are acclaimed for their craftsmanship and features — without costing an arm and a leg! In their own words: "These guitars are top-notch in every way. The wood is properly cured, the finishes are thin, the neck pockets are tight, the frets are polished, the components are high quality, and the overall fit and finish are first rate."

Even though they’re still a relatively new company, Reverend Guitars have really exploded onto the scene with beginner, intermediate and pro players because they have something to offer for any style of player with any level of ability. Every guitar model is still designed by founder Joe Naylor, and their goal is not to build the cheapest Korean guitar, but rather to raise the bar for performance. It costs a little more for them to do that, but their guitars are gig-ready right out of the box!

The Reverend Range

The range of Reverend guitars is vast thanks to the industrial design skills of Joe Naylor and their ability to make many instruments. Their pickups are designed in-house and give each and every guitar a distinctive voice that may be reminiscent of other guitars, but with a completely unique approach. Take the 'Railhammer' pickups as an example. These have rails under the bass strings so that you get a tight, percussive tone and the treble strings are over the poles on the pickup for a thicker tone!

The Reverend range is fronted by their Offset Series of guitars available in both set-neck and bolt-on versions. They’ve also got semi-hollow models, like the Airsonic W and Club King. Some Reverend guitars have got the famous Bigsby vibrato installed for a vintage vibe, while others boast a classic tremolo or a rock-solid hardtail bridge. Signature models for the likes of Greg Koch and Billy Corgan prove just how good their instruments are too!