PRS Custom 22 Guitars

The PRS Custom 22 is the 22-fret brother of the famous flagship Custom 24 model, but it's managed to carve its own niche in the market.

PRS Custom 22 Guitars

The Custom 22 has the standard PRS scale length of 25” which sits directly between a Les Paul and a Strat. It’s got a plethora of tones thanks to the dual humbucker pickup attack but also feels more like a traditional guitar than a Custom 24 would – thanks to its 22 fret configuration.

The only major difference between the Custom 24 and Custom 22 is where the neck pickup sits in relation to the strings harmonics. Purists will argue that this alters the tone. On a 24, the neck pickup sits beyond the 24th fret harmonic. Whereas on a 22 fret Custom 22, the 24th fret harmonic is actually sitting on top of the pickup which is said to give the pickup a certain ‘sweetness’.

PRS Custom 22 Guitars FAQs

What is a PRS Custom 22?

The Custom 22 is essentially a 22-fret version of PRS’ flagship Custom 24 model. Almost identical to the Custom 24 in terms of its tonewoods, electronics and hardware appointments, the PRS Custom 22 retains many of the brand’s signature features. This includes a highly playable 25” scale length, beautiful bird inlays, a powerful dual-humbucker pickup configuration and a comfortable contoured body adorned with a Flamed Maple top.

What's the difference between a PRS Custom 22 & 24?

A PRS Custom 22 features 22 frets, while a Custom 24 comes fitted with 24 frets. The Custom 22’s slightly shorter fingerboard allows for its rhythm humbucker to be installed further away from its bridge pickup, yielding a warmer tone. A PRS Custom 24 has a full two-octave range for each of its strings, making it popular with modern guitar players who prefer an extended upper register. However, this means that its neck humbucker has a marginally more brash sound.

What pickups does a PRS Custom 22 use?

Custom 22 guitars come equipped with PRS’ proprietary ‘85/15’ pickups. These versatile humbuckers are designed to offer exceptional power and clarity, with articulate highs and tight, extended lows. Excellent with clean, overdriven and distorted amp tones, these pickups cover a lot of sonic territory.