Pedaltrain Terra Pedalboards

The Pedaltrain Terra boards are the biggest in the range and will easily cover your pedalboard needs if you have (or plan on having) lots of pedals. These boards will could easily last you a lifetime and are suitable for both studio and live use.

Pedaltrain Terra Pedalboards

Key Pedaltrain Features

  • Aluminium - aircraft-grade Aluminium is their material of choice. You’d be hard-pushed to find a better combination of lightweight construction and resilience at such affordable prices!
  • Calculated Design - Pedaltrain have spent years honing the design of their boards. This means reinforced joints, precise angling, ultra-tough frames, carefully calculated spacing between rails and much more.
  • Accessory Range - Pedaltrain manufacture a wealth of accessories designed to fit perfectly with their range of boards. This means anything from cases and bags, to Velcro strips, to power supplies, and every little thing in between!

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