Mapex Drums

Mapex Saturn V Drum Kits

The Saturn V is a premium-level, percussion powerhouse.

Mapex Saturn V Drum Kits

You’re a drummer that’s serious about your sound, right? You want a kit that thrives in the studio and on the stage, with a build quality that guarantees reliability and excellent tones, every single time you play? It’s a no brainer - of course you do. The Saturn V delivers all of this, plus a whole lot more.

Sitting at the pricier end of the Mapex product range, these high-quality drums are built to last. A combination of walnut and maple (paired with the ingenious SONIClear bearing edge) helps to project a focused, punchy, and balanced sound. You’ll also find a responsiveness and dynamism here that caters to a number of contrasting musical genres and styles.

A selection of shell pack configurations ensure that your setup preferences are catered to; no matter the layout you’re used to playing, there’s a variant to be found here. The new mounting system even means you can alter your drums positions on-the-fly, quickly and efficiently. Attention to detail really is the name of the game here!