Jamstik MIDI Guitars

Jamstik is a brand of innovative, portable MIDI guitars designed by Minneapolis-based music tech firm Zivix. Their flagship product, the Studio MIDI guitar, is one of the most versatile instruments we've ever seen!

Jamstik MIDI Guitars

Zivix's original Jamstik, released in 2014, was named one of Pop Science's best inventions of the year and found significant success on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. In the years that have followed, the company has made further breakthroughs and carefully-refined its lineup of next-generation guitars.

Their current model, the Studio MIDI, is a cutting-edge electric guitar that features a headless neck, 24-fret fingerboard, dual humbuckers, an ergonomic 3/4-sized body and full MIDI capabilities. This makes it one of the most practical music-making tools on the market for guitarists, producers and songwriters who want to take control of their DAW soft-synths and samplers in real-time with precise guitar performance expression.

In short, you can make the Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar sound like anything you want it to — a piano, a pumping synth, an acoustic guitar, a violin or even a saxophone! There are no musical boundaries with the game-changing Studio MIDI guitar...