Ibanez Q Series Headless Guitars

The Q (Quest) Series encompasses Ibanez's most forward-thinking guitars to date! With their "headless" necks, ergonomically-shaped bodies & versatile electronics — these cutting-edge instruments are perfectly designed for modern, progressive players.

Ibanez Q Series Headless Guitars

Ibanez's Q Series was developed from the ground up. With the Japanese brand embracing the shift to contemporary "headless" guitar design, the Quest lineup will appeal strongly to the latest generation — those who seek compact and comfortable guitars that can keep up with the increasingly technical and flamboyant styles spreading across modern rock and metal music.

Apart from their ergonomic allure, these models also boast a number of additional unique elements in order to maximise tone, performance and playability. This includes proprietary pickups, 'dyna-MIX' switching systems, highly-adjustable 'Mono Tone' bridges and custom string-locking mechanisms.

While the Ibanez Q Series will satisfy any headless guitar enthusiast, these instruments make players of all disciplines question the full scope of their creative potential. The standard Q Series models are the most accessible, with their straight-fret fingerboards offering a familiar feel for traditionalists. The QX sub-series allows more adventurous and technically-proficient guitarists to make full use of their skills — featuring flat-radius, 8-degree slanted-fret fingerboards that accommodate the natural inward tilt of your fingers.

Ibanez Q Series - Key Features

  • Ergonomic Q Series Design — Lightweight bodies feature a number of strategically-placed curves to boost comfort. Headless necks reduce the total length of these instruments to just 80 centimetres!
  • Nyatoh Bodies — Ideal tonal foundation for their custom-made pickups; offering a rich mid-range and tight low-end.
  • Multi-Piece Roasted Maple/Bubinga Necks — Ensure rock-solid stability in changeable climates and conditions.
  • Roasted Birdseye Maple Fingerboards — Heat-treated to generate a balanced attack and rich sustain.
  • Jescar EVO Gold Frets — Durable, vibrant and silky-smooth.
  • Luminescent Side Dots — Glow-in-the-dark markers will always let you know where you're at, even on the most ill-lit stages!
  • Custom String Locks — 1-piece units feature a very simple design; meaning less maintenance, great longevity and easy string changes. They still let you use your favourite string gauge and brand too!
  • Mono Tune Bridges — Provide a wide intonation range; making it straightforward to set these instruments up for drop-tunings.
  • Q58 Humbucker & R1 Single-Coil Pickups — Designed specifically for the Q Series, these pickups deliver clearly-defined tones; facilitating excellent balance through all frequencies.
  • dyna-MIX Switching Systems — Offer extended pickup variations for a wide sonic palette.
  • Included Gig Bags — Extremely rugged; protecting these guitars against knocks on the road.