Ibanez GIO Series Guitars

Ibanez ensure that all players and budgets are catered for with their huge instrument catalogue. GIO is their entry-level line, featuring affordable no-frills guitars that are perfect for inspiring passionate beginners with their cool looks and features.

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1 - 24 of 32

Ibanez GIO Series Guitars

In the 21st Century, guitarists that are keen to find their first proper instruments have never been so lucky. Ibanez have played a huge role in diversifying the beginner guitar market, offering a number of attractive models that are well within the reach of players starting their musical journeys.

The brand’s flagship RG and S shapes are available within the GIO range, letting beginners emulate their rock and metal heroes with instruments that are aesthetically similar to their high-end counterparts. With 4-strings available for bassists, the GIO series also encompasses Ibanez’s MiKro range, consisting of scaled-down guitars that are fantastic for youngsters.

If you’re looking for a great instrument to learn and develop your skills on, the Ibanez GIO series is arguably the best place to start.

Ibanez GIO Series Guitars FAQs

What is the Ibanez GIO Series?

The GIO series is Ibanez’s entry-level instrument line and encompasses some of their most affordable guitars and basses. Introduced in 1998, Ibanez’s GIO guitars are aimed specifically at beginners and have plenty of appeal with their sharp looks and modern features.

Is an Ibanez GIO a good guitar?

Ibanez GIO series models are considered some of the best beginner guitars on the market. Aimed more at aspiring metal-centric players with their stealthy aesthetics, thin neck profiles and hot pickups; Ibanez GIO guitars are fantastic for novices looking for an affordable high-performance instrument from the get-go.

Which Ibanez models are in the GIO Series?

Ibanez’s flagship RG and S shapes form most of the GIO range. These particular variants are typically labelled GRG and GSA respectively. The Ibanez GRX model features a slightly modified RG body shape that conveys a more traditional look, while the GAX is based on a classic double-cut, dual-humbucker guitar design.