Fairfield Circuitry

Fairfield Circuitry have stripped back pedal-building to its core elements. Despite the raw aesthetics of their designs, these pedals deliver ground-breaking tones.

Fairfield Circuitry

This small Canadian company specialises in overdrive and fuzz pedals, but Fairfield haven’t limited themselves strictly to this rather over-saturated market. That’s because they also offer delay, ring mod and compressor stompboxes too, with their whole pedal range bringing back familiar vintage tones but with a modern twist.

Highlights include the Four Eyes, a versatile fuzz pedal driven by 3 parallel JFET circuits, ensuring a rich, unique sound. Featuring a 3-band EQ, you can control this pedal to suit any amplifier, especially with the additional resonance switch.

Another key part of their lineup is the Meet Maud analogue delay pedal. Convincingly emulating the tones of genuine tape echo units from the 60s and 70s, the Meet Maud can recreate those crazy self-oscillating tones by playing with its feedback control, and a random delay time modulation function offers up further wackiness.