D'Addario Guitar Accessories

D’Addario produces a range of ergonomic guitar accessories for helping you out of tough situations!

D'Addario Guitar Accessories

Guitar accessories may be boring to most, but there are some essentials that you just have to own if you take guitar playing seriously. D’Addario produces a fantastic range of such essentials, including strap lock systems, string winder/cutter tools and capos.

However, the coolest and most innovative accessories in D’Addario’s range are their solderless pedalboard cable kits. The standard cable kit comes with 10 ¼” jack connectors and a length of cable, letting you create your very own custom-length patch leads for connecting your guitar pedals together! The power cable kit is similar, but lets you create custom-length wires for powering your stompboxes from a pedal power supply. For keeping your pedalboard neat, these products are perfect!

For other guitar accessories, make sure to check out D’Addario’s sister brand Planet Waves. Specialising in accessories, Planet Waves has a popular guitar strap lineup and a selection of more niche products.