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CopperSound Pedals

The premium double pedal specialists. Coppersound give us more control over our effects, more sounds to explore and more fun all round!

CopperSound Pedals

Hailing from the East coast of Massachusetts, USA, Coppersound are a small team of meticulous pedal enthusiasts-turned-builders with a penchant for making outstandingly addictive effects. 

The company was founded in 2014 and their stock has risen ever since. Interest grew beyond friends and colleagues, until they formed massive collaborations with artists like Jack White (who knows a thing or two about great guitar pedals).

Coppersound pedals go one step beyond the norm. Their double pedal format gives you the flexibility you need to carve out your own unique sound; be it with the extended functionality of a second footswitch for circuit toggling, tap tempo or setting switching, or extra dials and switches to tweak the sound.

You have a choice of brilliant overdrive, fuzz, tremolo, reverb and chorus pedals in the range, all built to an extremely high standard without those “excessive” boutique prices.

Also on the Coppersound menu are a number of utility pedals to help get the most out of your guitar setup. Active and passive ABY pedals, external tap tempo and JFET buffers in a mini size – perfect to squeeze onto your pedalboard.