Big Joe Stompbox

Big Joe Stompbox is a respected company in the pedal community, boasting a diverse range of effects that are designed and assembled in the USA using only the highest quality components available.

Big Joe Stompbox

Big Joe Stompbox might be an unfamiliar name to some, but the company has a long history that stretches back several decades. The brand's owners, Paul and David Christian, have been designing and manufacturing guitar stompboxes for over 40 years; developing proprietary pedal formulas as well as OEM designs for many of the leading guitar effects manufacturers in the industry. Big Joe, however, is Paul and David's very own venture!

The company prides itself on its "trial and error" approach to pedal building. Modifying and tweaking circuits until they sound just right, Big Joe Stompbox works tirelessly to ensure that its pedals deliver only the best tones possible; while remaining affordable to consumers. At Big Joe, there are no short cuts or compromises. The company uses first-class components, robust die-cast steel chassis' and knobs, and assembles all of its units at its Connecticut factory.

The Big Joe Stompbox catalogue is delightfully varied, with the brand building overdrive and distortion pedals, modulation effects, pedal power supplies - you name it! All of your stompbox needs are covered when it comes to Big Joe.

Key Pedal Features:

  • All pedals designed and assembled in the US. (Connecticut factory), made from the highest quality components available.
  • Full frequency response and tons of headroom, especially the ‘4’ series pedals which run at 18v.
  • Extremely durable design, made using dye cast steel enclosures and knobs.