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Boss Katana Guitar & Bass Amps

Boss Katana amps are some of the best modelling amps on the market and have been a hit ever since they were released. The range includes both loud gigging amps and small portable practice amps for both guitar and bass!

Boss Katana Guitar & Bass Amps

You've probably heard of the Boss Katana amps as they've been one of the best new guitar products in recent years. These amps are loved for giving users access to great modelled amp sounds and an easy-to-use multi-fx. Sometimes home amps can get confusing for users when there are tons of effects and options but the Katana range has simplified this whilst still providing excellent sounds on-board.

The Katana amps have also got power scaling meaning you can change the headroom response and the wattage when you want to go from home practice to the rehearsal room to the stage.

Boss Katana Version 3 Firmware Update Announced!

One of the great things about the Boss Katana amps is that compatible Katana amps can be updated by simply connecting the amp to your computer to unlock a whole host of new features!

Version 3 sees the Katana range get 3 new effect types that work brilliantly with any of the Katanas five amp characters but with extra ‘tonal magic’ when used with the Brown channels harmonically rich voicing.

  • Roland DC-30 Analogue Chorus-Echo
  • Boss GE-10 Graphic Equalizer for more tonal shaping than possible before
  • Expressive 95E Pedal wah effects

You can now record with stereo effects which means your delays can ping pong from left to right and modulations and reverbs will feel that much more authentic.

More control over– The v3 update allows you to assign your favourite parameters to the front-panel effects knobs giving you huge control over your effects on the fly! And you can control specific effects parameters using up to 3 expression pedals via the rear panel and optional GA-FC foot controller!

How to install the Version 3 update? It's really simple to install and can be done by simply downloading the Boss Tone Studio software for your computer and then connecting the compatible Katana amp to your computer via USB.

Boss Katana Bass

New for 2022, Boss have released their hotly-anticipated Katana Bass amps, with 60w and 160w models available. Now, bassists can take advantage of Boss’ all-new original amp tones and legendary stomp boxes in two conveniently portable combos! With vintage and modern amp modes and a host of connectivity options on hand, the Katana Bass is incredibly versatile and ideal at home, in the studio or on stage.

BOSS Katana FAQs

Is the BOSS Katana a modelling amp?

While the BOSS Katana is a digital amp that models amp and effect sounds, it does not have specific models or presets based on existing amplifiers.

What effects are in the BOSS Katana?

The BOSS Katana comes with Booster, Modulation, FX, Delay and Reverb sounds with 3 variations of each - offering 15 built-in effects in total. You can also use the Boss 'Tone Studio' software to access over 60 different effect types.

Can the BOSS Katana do metal tones?

With its 'Brown' channel, the BOSS Katana produces some serious gain giving it great metal tones. For ultra high-gain modern metal, you may want to pair the Katana with an overdrive/distortion pedal.

Is the BOSS Katana 50 loud enough to gig with?

With 50-watts of power and headroom, the BOSS Katana 50 will be loud enough to gig with in smaller venues like bars and pubs.