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Boss Bass Pedals

Take your bass tone to the next level with one of the household names of the pedal world!

Boss Bass Pedals

Japanese manufacturer Boss was founded in 1973; in the decades that followed, they earned a reputation for producing simple, reliable pedals that simply got the job done. Known for their rugged enclosure that can handle even the most rigorous punishment, Boss stompboxes are something of an industry standard.

While their electric guitar stompboxes and switching units are instantly recognisable and hugely popular, Boss also offer a great selection of tools for bassists. Whether you’re looking to expand your bass tone with effects and dynamics, or just some gritty distortion for heavier styles, Boss have got you covered.

Among their most popular bass offerings is the CEB-3 Bass Chorus, similar to their famous Chorus Ensemble – everything from subtle depth (Jaco style) to swirling modulation. You’ve also got distortion, compression, synth and multi-FX pedals to choose from – everything a bassist could want!

We’re pleased to stock one of the best selections of Boss bass gear in Europe, from affordable entry-level options to premium performance units. Check them out below!