Bass Pedals

Bass Pedals

When it comes to effects manufacturers, we pride ourselves on making sure that we stock both industry-leading brands and independent trend-setters. Our Bass Guitar Effects section is no exception!

Dynamics are crucial for bass players. Whether you're looking for smooth, grounded tone or a punchy sound that'll cut through the mix, we've got you covered. We stock bass preamp pedals, compressors, boosts and equalizers from the likes of Darkglass, Tech 21, Boss and many more.

Tip your bass tone over the edge with killer overdrive, distortion and fuzz effects like the TS9B Tube Screamer from Ibanez and the MXR Bass Overdrive, amongst others!

If you're looking to take it one step further, we also stock a huge range of modulation, filter and ambience pedals! Create swirling, groovy tones and spacious textures with pedals from popular manufacturers like Aguilar, EBS Sweden and Electro-Harmonix.

Take a look at our full selection below - we're sure you'll find something you like!