Bass Pedals

Bass Overdrive Pedals and Preamps

Bass Overdrive Pedals and Preamps are one of the best ways to add variety and versatility to your bass rig. From thick, chewy fuzz pedals to all singing, all dancing "amp in a box" style preamps, enhancing your bass tone has never been easier!

Bass Overdrive Pedals and Preamps

Bass overdrive pedals come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From small, gritty boosts that add a subtle, valve amp style crunch, to searing, high gain distortion and fuzz units that transform your tone into a snarling beast! Some pedals can even cover both ends of the spectrum in a single unit, giving you amazing versatility.

Bass preamp pedals take this idea a step further and come with a host of options for complete rig versatility. A bass preamp pedal is essentially a flexible DI box that features the same tone-shaping EQ controls you’d typically find on a bass amp. Preamp pedals can be used in line with your amp like a traditional stompbox to add colour to your core tone. Alternatively, many units have a simulated or DI output, meaning you can run them straight into a PA system or to your recording interface in the studio, bypassing your amp altogether. Their purpose is to ultimately replicate the sound of a bass amplifier’s preamp section, and serve as a more compact and pedalboard-friendly alternative to your amplifier. No more carrying that 8x10 speaker cabinet up three flights of stairs at the end of the gig!

At Andertons, we stock a fantastic range of bass overdrive and preamp pedals from major manufacturers including Darkglass Electronics, Electro-Harmonix, Jam Pedals and Ashdown. Check them out here!