Laney Audiohub Speakers

Laney Amplifier’s Audiohub line is a swiss army of speakers and amps to make your live performance stand out.

Laney Audiohub Speakers

The focus is to make any instrument, from keyboard to guitar, sound pristine and amazing to your audience.

Laney’s Audiohub Speakers feature a 2-way system of active speakers, with an integrated mixer and digital media player. They can get audio from SD and USB, as well as other devices thanks to the integrated Bluetooth connection. Choose from 3 different sizes to suit each venue’s needs. 

Laney’s Audiohub amplifiers are designed to have a balanced, clean tone to amplify your instruments and render them in all their original glory. Keyboards, vocals, guitars and drums as well as audio playback are handled with ease. What’s more, all amplifiers are integrated with EQ and digital delay to further enrich your mix!

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