Why We Love Tone City Pedals

We’ve been stocking Tone City pedals for a few years now and have sold them by the bucketload! They’re by far one of the most popular pedal brands we stock and there’s good reason for that – read on to find out why you need a Tone City pedal on your board…

You might be asking yourself why so many people love the Tone City pedals and really the answers are quite simple. But before we get started why not check out our Tone City Reviews page. Here you'll be able to see a more in-depth look at how these pedals perform thanks to real world reviews. At the time of writing, these pedals average at a whopping 4.8/5 stars based on 681 reviews of the full 21-pedal range!


The most important thing for any pedal to be considered pedalboard-worthy needs to sound amazing. Otherwise, it would not hold its place on the board and would be ousted for the next best thing.

This isn’t the case with Tone City pedals because they all sound great! Each one has got a specific sound and purpose and you’ll probably find similarities between the pedals and some famous sounds and brands. See the ‘Golden Plexi’ for some amazing British gain tones. Or the Angel Wing for some really cool 80s Chorus sounds. If you'd like a full tonal comparison of the drive pedals click here to read our comprehensive guide.


You’ll probably be surprised to see the price of these pedals. They’re cheap and cheerful without sounding that way at all. And they aren’t built that way either because each one comes with a 2-year warranty.

That warranty is in fact, a direct replacement warranty, which means if your Tremble Tremolo breaks, Andertons will swap it out for a brand new one within 2 years of purchase.

So for the price of one boutique pedal, you could put together a pedalboard full of Tone City pedals and have them all covered under the breakage warranty.


Another important feature for a pedal to have is low pedalboard real estate. No one really wants to clog up their pedalboard with massive pedals, because that will mean fewer effects and fewer sounds for us to get our teeth stuck into.

Tone City produce 2 pedal sizes at the moment. They have their mini pedals, which are about half the size of what you would consider normal pedal size.

They also have their double pedals (known as the deluxe range) which typically have 2 footswitches and 2 functions. For example, the stacked drive sounds on the King Of Blues overdrive pedal. These are not much bigger than a standard pedal either, so you could easily get loads of these pedals onto your board.

However, because of their mini size, you cannot fit a 9v battery into the pedal, including the double pedals because they’re still quite small.  Which means they will need power. Tone City have never put batteries into their pedals in an attempt to do their bit in protecting the environment.


Tone City pedals are so easy to power. You don’t really have to worry about one pedal being 12v or 15v because they all run on standard 9v power. So you can connect it to your pedalboard power brick with ease or even run it off of a daisy chain.

We are currently giving away a FREE power supply and daisy chain for 5 pedals when you buy 2 or more Tone City pedals in case you don’t currently have a power brick on your pedalboard. Simply add the 2 Tone City pedals of choice to your basket and check out!

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