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Wampler Signature Brad Paisley Drive Deluxe

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Product Description

The Brad Paisley Signature Drive from Wampler is a modern classic in every sense of the word. Hugely popular for essentially giving you the country legend’s warm and articulate crunch sound, Wampler has taken this established formula and made it bigger and better!

Following a 2-in-1 format, the Paisley Drive Deluxe features the circuit from the original Paisley stompbox but combines it with a Wampler classic – the Underdog. Discontinued for years, Paisley convinced Wampler to resurrect this rare circuit so that his two favourite drive sounds are together in perfect harmony.

And the result? The Paisley Drive Deluxe!

2 Pedals in 1

The Wampler Paisley Drive Deluxe is a super-versatile pedal, giving you two flavours of overdrive that can be wired completely independently of each other. With inputs and outputs for each “side”, you can run this pedal with a switching system and still route them alone for ultimate control over your tones.

With the Paisley Drive side delivering a transparent drive that retains plenty of top-end, complementing Paisley’s recognisably delicate style, the Underdog is a slightly warmer-sounding flavour, with lots of mid-range push and gain on tap. The Deluxe therefore gives you the best of both worlds, providing you with a bright and mix-piercing drive as well as a smoother crunch that sounds amazing for leads. 

But the best part about this pedal’s design is that you can “stack” the overdrives. This means that you can run them one into the other for a thicker and more harmonically rich sound. Depending on how you route the inputs and outputs, you can run the overdrives separately, Underdog (Channel 1) into Paisley (Channel 2) or Paisley into Underdog.

Powerful EQ

The Paisley drive is considered an “amp-in-a-box” style overdrive, providing a convincing tube-driven tone and feel. But controlling this circuit is incredibly simple, with conventional Gain and Volume controls letting you set the amount of distortion and output respectively, and a single Tone control letting you tweak the high-end presence.

However, the Underdog is a completely different beast. With a powerful 3-band active EQ, you have all the tools at your disposal to tweak your perfect drive sound. A fat switch on Channel 1 also gives your signal an increase in gain, along with more low-mid content to deliver a much fatter tone.

Here's what Wampler say about the Paisley Drive Deluxe:

Wampler's relationship with Brad Paisley goes back to a time way before his signature Paisley Drive pedal.... in fact, thanks to the way it produced similar tones to the lauded Nobels ODR-S with more control for fine-tuning his sound, the first Wampler pedal Brad fell in love with was the since-discontinued Underdog overdrive.

It's with this in mind that Wampler combined Brad's two favorite Wampler tones in the Paisley Deluxe dual overdrive pedal. By cramming a Paisley Drive and Brian's Underdog circuits into a single pedal, Wampler is delivering the ultimate Brad Paisley pedal. Not only do you have independent access to both tones, but you are able to stack them for more harmonically rich drive in any order you want. 

And taking a cue from Wampler's popular Tom Quayle signature Dual Fusion's groundbreaking signal routing, you're able to run each side of the Paisley Deluxe as an individual pedal, perfect for today's pedal switcher-based rigs. Whether you're looking to nail Brad's gorgeous signature tones or are looking for a great-sounding overdrive with unbelievable flexibility, you can't go wrong with the Wampler Paisley Deluxe.

Brad Paisley's Tone, Your Tone

There's been a lot of demand for Wampler's long-since-discontinued Underdog overdrive pedal. And a lot of that demand comes from Brad Paisley. So to improve upon his already great-sounding Paisley Drive, Wampler provides you access to the Underdog's Nobels-like grit right alongside Brad's signature tone.

  • Channel 1 replicates the distinctive Underdog overdrive that continues to inspire Brad
  • Channel 2 is the same versatile, amp-like drive of the Paisley Drive
  • Each channel can be run independently or stacked in any order you choose

Signal Routing Versatility

To integrate with today's super-powerful pedal switchers and MIDI-based rigs, Wampler outfitted the Paisley Deluxe with the ability to route your signal to each channel individually. With a simple stomp of your programmed switcher, you're able to pull up either channel or a blend of both. It truly is like having two Brad Paisley-approved overdrive pedals in one box.       

  • Independent in and out jacks for each channel
  • Channels are individually selectable via pedal switchers
  • Can be run as two independent pedals or stacked either way

Choosing “Stacked” vs. “Separate” Channel Switching

The toggle switch has 3 settings: 2>1, Separate, and 1>2.

Looking at the top of the pedal, the input jacks are on the right side (with an arrow pointing towards the knobs) and the output jacks are on the left side (with an arrow pointing away from the knobs). C1 means “channel 1” and C2 means “channel 2” on the jacks.

When in 2>1 mode and both channels are “on”, the guitar is routed into channel 2, then channel 1. The input cable from the guitar needs to be moved to the “C2” input jack, and the output cable to the amp needs to be moved to “C1” output jack. When in 1>2 mode and both channels are “on”, the guitar is routed into channel 1, then channel 2. The input cable from the guitar needs to be moved to the “C1” input jack and the output cable to the amp needs to be moved to the “C2” output jack. When the toggle is in the middle it is in “separate” mode, and the pedal can be used as two individual pedals, both with its respective input and output jack.

Please note that if the cables are not in the correct place, the toggle switch and effect will not work properly, but no damage is done.

Wampler-Quality Construction

Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to designing the best and most player-friendly products out there are second to none. Those qualities are on full display within the Paisley Deluxe. From its convenient top-mounted jacks to its amazingly flexible switching, the Paisley Deluxe dual overdrive pedal is every bit a Wampler.


  • Built in the U.S.A 
  • Battery connection and 9v power jack 
  • Can run up to 18v (for more clean headroom) 
  • High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response 
  • Fat switch on Channel 1 gives the signal a slight gain boost along with more low-mid content giving a much fatter/fuller tone 
  • Full 3 band active EQ on Channel 1 
  • Switchable stacking order (1 into 2, 2 into 1 or you can completely separate them) 
  • Top-mounted jacks make pedalboard placement effortless 
  • Power draw: 32.8 mA @ 9V, 39.8 mA @ 18V 
  • Includes Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty 
  • 5” x 4.5” x 1.5″ (88.9mm x 114.3mm x 38.1mm) – height excludes knobs and switches