Walrus Audio Limited Edition Luna Guitar Pedals

The eagle has landed. This is your ultimate ambient setup from renowned USA boutique pedal makers Walrus Audio - an out-of-this-world Andertons exclusive.

Create sonic soundscapes from space! The limited edition Luna collection combines the best ambient pedals Walrus Audio have to offer in an Andertons exclusive package. Forget overdrives and distortion – we’re going all out on weird and wonderful time-based effects, gloriously lush reverbs and deep, dark chorus. Every stompbox features never-before-seen artwork depicting a galactic moon battle.

The Luna collection is a highly limited run you’ll only find here at Andertons. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good - don't miss out!

The Pedal Line-up

Andertons worked closely with Walrus Audio to assemble an ambient pedal collection that would be the envy of any die-hard shoegazer guitarist. We specifically chose these five pedals for their spaced-out, ethereal sounds. 

Each Walrus Audio pedal in the Luna Collection plays an important role in creating massive elemental textures as complex as space itself. Walrus Audio employ high quality components, feature rich parameters and a mix of digital and analogue designs for an impressive array of tonal flexibility.

Julia V2 Chorus 

From subtle, wavy chorus sounds to seasick vibrato, the analogue Julia has it all. The dry/wet control provides sonic definition to your fundamental tone, leaving the dirty work to other effects along the chain.

New to the V2 are soft switching capabilities, momentary activation by pressing and releasing the bypass and top-mounted jacks, allowing easier incorporation into a pedalboard.

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Monument Harmonic Tremolo

One of the most beautiful sounding tap-tempo tremolos on the market with an extreme variation of styles to boot. Switch between a standard, precise tremolo and the velvety harmonic mode delivering vintage-inspired warmth.

Creative idea: Hold down the bypass to progressively speed up the rate of the tremolo and push your reverb and delay into oblivion.

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ARP-87 Delay

The ARP-87 is packed with intrepid delay sounds and note divisions. Dial in robotic digital dotted 16ths or switch over to malfunctioning analogue sounds for a bit more grit. The ARP-87 will have you adventuring through a black hole of mesmerising tonal trails. 

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Fathom Reverb 

Walrus Audio’s most expansive reverb. The Fathom delves deep into four customised algorithms, ranging from a modest room ‘verb to high levels of wacky modulation. 

Creative idea: We suggest placing the Fathom as the first reverb in your signal chain. Dial it low in the mix and trigger the Fathom’s huge momentary burst to make those big sections bloom.

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Slo Reverb

You can never have too much ‘verb! While the Fathom offers an incredibly diverse range of reverb types, the Slo acts as your fluffy, fat-sounding bed to blend all other effects. 

Creative idea: Thanks to the smart momentary bypass, you’re able to activate the pedal as long as you have your foot pressed down on the switch. This creates an underlying sea of softness you can layer with gentle leads. Dreamy.

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